Job Searching

Looking for a new job?

Job Searching

There are many ways to search for a new job, including writing to local firms, checking newspapers for vacancies and registering with an agency.


Those who choose to register with an agency will need to attend an interview and provide information on their work experience and qualifications. Once the information has been provided, the agency will search for any job vacancies that may suit the applicant.

A benefit of using an agency is that they will do the searching for you. If they find a vacancy that may be suitable, they will contact you to ask if you are interested. If you wish to apply, they will submit an application with the information that you have provided. The employer will then contact the agency if they wish to invite you for an interview.

Some employment consultants specialize in particular careers. For example, they may only be recruiting for those who want IT jobs. Others are more general, and may recruit office workers for various types of businesses.

Most consultants will have a website, so you can register your details and browse the new jobs that are available online.

How the Internet can aid your job search

The internet can be very beneficial for job hunting. There are numerous sites where you can search for employment opportunities in your local area and apply online. Normally, you will need to register with your details, including your education and work experience. When you wish to make an application, you can submit the details already provided to the potential employer. They will then be able to contact you through the site if they wish to invite you for an interview.

When searching for jobs online, be aware that there are some scams in operation. Steer clear of any that ask for payment or credit card information. Many reputable companies use the internet to recruit employees, so there are legitimate opportunities available.

In summary:
  • You can register with an agency to help you find work
  • Websites are available where you can search for jobs
  • You can apply online