At Consumer Adviser, we have a broad range of car articles. Our car articles can be loosely divided into three categories: repairing faults with your car, informative articles on car services and products available, and helpful buyer guides. All of our articles are thoroughly researched and are complemented with up-to-date car news and helpful answers to a number of frequently asked questions for each topic.

It is always frustrating when something goes wrong with your car, be it a damaged windshield or simply a misplaced key. It is often difficult to know what to do if you are placed in such circumstances and it is often quite stressful as so many of us rely on our cars to get to work or drop the children off at school. At Consumer Adviser, we have a number of helpful repair articles that help you to identify the fault and explain the recommended steps to take to rectify the problem.

We also have a number of articles that offer up-to-date information on recent products in the car industry, such as hybrid cars and electric cars, and the various car services that are available, such as car rental and car shipping.  These sorts of articles are designed to better inform your car decisions and make you better aware of the options available by thoroughly explaining what these products and services are and considering their respective advantages and disadvantages from a consumer's point of view.

In addition, we have a handful of useful buyer guides.  These articles  include a general motor vehicle buying guide and information on choosing a second-hand car from a dealer. In these guides, we offer impartial advice and helpful tips that are designed to help you make a good purchase!