As an eager student who is hoping to continue their studies or perhaps someone wishing to return to education as a mature student, we understand how difficult deciding on an education path can be as there are many different degree courses and study options from multiple colleges and schools in both the UK and abroad. Education is a serious commitment as you are often committing yourself for at least one year and the fees can be considerably expensive. In return, the right education can give you the opportunity to study and learn more about something you love as well as equip you subject -specific and transferable skills that can make you stand out from the crowd and greatly improve your employment prospects. When you are making this potentially life-changing decision, it is vital that you are equipped with as much information as possible so that you can reap the many benefits a good education course provides!

At Consumer Adviser we have the resources to help you make your decision.

In our extensive education section you will find a range of information that has been extensively researched and collated by education experts and with aspiring students in mind. This includes informative and up-to-date educational articles, the latest education news, and answers to frequently asked questions concerning each topic. A large number or articles explore the popular education courses available such as architecture school and film school. In these sorts of articles, the value of such course in their respective industry is explored and helpful, impartial advice is offered. Other articles explore different learning methods such as distance learning and boarding schools. We also offer advice to help you whilst you are completing your studies, such as essay writing help.