In life we are faced with a number of important financial decisions from choosing to apply for financing or even planning how we can save money in order to fund future expenses such as retirement or even the future of our children. Consumer Adviser is here to help you make these decisions. Our finance section is large and explores a broad range of topics. All of our topics are researched by financial experts and offer informative, impartial advice. In addition all of our articles are complemented with the latest financial news and answers to frequently asked questions. Our business topics can be loosely divided into three subcategories: investment, financial services and insurance.

A number of our articles focus on investment. This is essentially purchasing a physical item, like gold or property, or a less tangible item like currency or shares in the hope that you can make a profit on it in the future. Our articles explore a range of different investments such as hedge funds, penny stocks and FX trading. These articles explore how these investments work and offer helpful tips on how to be successful.

Our financial service articles look at all the financial services that are available to consumers. These services include home loans, payday loans and debt consolidation. These types of articles explain what these services do and consider the pros and cons of employing such services.

Although no one wants to think about it, things do go wrong: car accidents can happen and we do get ill from time to time. This makes insurance incremental as it protects consumers from incurring heavy financial loss. Our helpful insurance articles explore the benefits of purchasing individual insurance policies and offer hints on how to get the best insurance deal.