Our health section at Consumer Adviser is our largest section and it is still growing! We understand how stressful and unpleasant being unwell or seeing a loved one ill is and have created a large number of articles to help you through this difficult time.

Our articles serve as an good introduction to a number common conditions and ailments as they highlight common symptoms and explain the cause of a particular condition. In addition, while our articles cannot provide you with a bespoke recommendation, they offer impartial advice by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the treatments available. This will make you aware of your options and allow you to decide with confidence what type of treatment is most suitable for your situation.

As well as addressing specific conditions, Consumer Adviser offer informative articles on personal health decisions such as deciding to quit smoking, plastic surgery and dieting. The articles offer helpful tips and advice on how to do so.

In our health section, we have a range of articles covering the majority of common health issues from abdominal pain to vitamins, and everything in between! Each topic contains up-to-date information, the latest health news, and the answers to frequently asked questions. All of our topics have been extensively researched by health specialists with you in mind. This means that our articles are written in explanatory, everyday language.