How to Choose the Right Dental Implant Specialist?

It’s important to choose the right dental implant specialist if you’re planning to get dental implants. After all, dental implants are a great investment for both health and esthetic reasons.

However, the process of getting a dental implant can be both physically and financially draining. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right dental implant specialist for this investment of a lifetime.

Implant Dentist

How Much Experience Do You Have?

You want an experienced dentist who has performed many dental implant treatments with high success rates. It’s also important that this dentist knows how to provide aesthetically pleasing results. They should have before-and-after images of their own work to show potential patients.

Dr. Ajmo has successfully placed thousands of dental implants in his Jupiter practice. He has been using the same BioHorizons Implant System for many years with a 98% average success rate. This American-made implant system has provided him and his patients with extensive benefits.

Dr. Ajmo has also performed full-mouth reconstruction treatment for patients with a wide range of needs over the last 26 years. He provides before-and-after images of his treatments for his patients, and there’s no question of how incredible the results are!

Fixed Teeth In A Day

An experienced dental implant surgeon should be comfortable providing fixed teeth in a day, as long as your bone quality is good enough. Teeth in a day is a great concept because you walk out of the dental practice with a great smile on your face and are able to eat straight away!

Our dental implant surgeon routinely places fixed teeth in a day.

How Current Is Your Dentist’s Specific Dental Implant Training?

Dental implant techniques have advanced significantly in recent years, for example with the same-day dental implant technique, known variously as Smile in a Day, Teeth in a Day, All on 4 and same-day smiles. We advise asking your dentist what specific dental implant learning they have undertaken in the past year to ensure they are knowledgeable and confident in the latest techniques.

Look At Their Results And Testimonials

Many of the specialists will have proof of their work. These could be pictures and documentation of their patients along with their before and after photos. They will usually have it posted on their dental office, but sometimes it can also be viewed on their website or social media pages. When it is on their website or social media pages, check out the reviews of the patients. Patient reviews will give you an idea of their work quality and what it’s like getting treated by that expert. Stay away from experts who have a lot of negative reviews.