Divorce Solicitor

The Reasons to Hire a Divorce Solicitor


When a marriage fails, a great deal of stress is felt amongst all parties effected. Family life may be disrupted, properties may change hands and perhaps worst of all, custody disputes regarding any child support laws may make this process extremely painful. What is of equal concern is that there are many laws governing this entire ordeal; most of which are completely unfamiliar to the average couple. Unfortunately, we live in a society where divorces are on the rise and therefore, a great deal of attention has been given to the prevalence of this phenomenon, as these articles below display.

The Scope of Services Provided by a Divorce Lawyer

One of the main roles of divorce solicitor is to provide a third-party sounding board for two individuals in the midst of legal conflict. They will provide an unattached and objective point of view that will aid in expediting the entire process. Part of the reason for this efficiency is due to the fact that they will have a well-versed understanding of the particular state and federal laws governing the legal proceedings.

Family lawyers have a working knowledge of property laws, wage garnishment, fiscal responsibilities and child support laws. This clarity can give the couple the information they need to make an informed decision.

Another important factor to consider is that often times, one or both parties may feel that their rights are being infringed upon. A divorce solicitor can help guarantee that all rights are accounted for, thus lessening any bitterness involved with a dispute.

Finally, it should be remembered that these procedures can often times be lengthy should a lawyer not be employed. This can cost time, money and a great deal of emotional distress. These solicitors will help make certain that a case is resolved within a reasonable amount of time, thus lessening the burdens placed upon everyone involved.

So, some of the main services and benefits of a divorce solicitor are:
  • An objective point of view.
  • A well-versed understanding of all applicable laws.
  • Clarity in regards to property distribution and child custody and support.
  • An assurance that no legal rights are being infringed upon.
  • A relatively expeditious resolution to a dispute.

Things to Consider when Hiring a Family Solicitor

While hiring such legal aid is naturally the best option under trying circumstances, not all family lawyers are alike and there are a handful of considerations that must be made to help guarantee that the entire process is equitable and efficient.

The experience of the lawyer is one of the most determinant factors. Not only should this solicitor have years of background in this field and be accredited by a recognized organization but he or she should also practice discreetly in the arena of family law.

As divorce proceedings revolve around effective communications, a lawyer should be chosen that is open to both parties and their relevant disputes. One of the most common complaints is that one or both individuals were uncomfortable with their chosen solicitor. This can lengthen the process and evolve into further bitterness.

Upon initial consultation, it is important to establish what fees will be charged during the process. Inquire as to if there is an initial consultation fee, what a retainer will cost and what hourly rates are charged. As these fees are known to be expensive, it is best to determine this from the onset.

Try to acquire client testimonials. Reputable practitioners providing legal aid should be able to provide case studies and other examples of their work. Should the solicitor have reached favourable outcomes with their clients, such information should be easy to obtain.

Important considerations when choosing a divorce lawyer are:
  • The experience of the lawyer.
  • An solicitor who is amenable and easy to communicate with.
  • All fees including consultations, retainers and hourly rates.
  • Established and proven client testimonials.