What To Look For In An Antivirus Software

Whether your computer or device runs Android, Mac or Windows, cybercriminals have sophisticated attacks to target machines across operating systems (OS). Choosing an antivirus software that's designed for your OS and tailored to your computing behaviors is important.

Not all antivirus software is created equal, so there are many factors to consider.

Does Your Antivirus Software Protect You from Major Threats?

Deciding how to choose the best antivirus software starts with the protections it offers.

Antivirus by definition should protect against viruses but should also include other threats too.

At a minimum, you need to be guarded against the common dangers to your privacy and safety.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

If you just need core antivirus protection and basic defenses against malware, perhaps only for one PC (or just a couple of devices), then you can buy a baseline antivirus product (or get a free one as discussed above).

However, if you want to get more security features, and a greater depth of protection from all the nastiness you’ll find online, then you’ll need to stump up some cash (and more of it – although not necessarily a lot more) to get an all-singing all-dancing internet security suite.


It’s one of the most important criteria to consider while choosing the best antivirus software. Systweak Antivirus is a lightweight Internet security solution that doesn’t hog system resources & proffers an effective shield to every type of PC.

Automatic Updates

Any antivirus software worth its salt will automatically update itself, both to clean up any vulnerabilities it might have and to keep its virus database and capabilities up to date. Basically, the quicker and more frequent the updates, the better.

Malware Removal

Sometimes, removing malware can be just as important as blocking it in the first place. Usually, the cybersecurity industry sees the two functions as being separate. That’s why many of the free AVs out there can only detect and block malware, but won’t be able to remove it if your PC is infected.