At Consumer Adviser, our travel section contains a growing number of articles that are designed to make your travel decisions a little bit easier. Our collection of travel articles have been thoroughly researched and collated by travel specialists and are written with you, the consumer, in mind. In addition, each of our articles is complemented with the latest UK travel news as well as a handy FAQ column that provides informative answers to a number of frequently asked questions.

Our travel articles can be loosely divided into two main categories: those that look at specific vacation destinations and others that consider the more serious legal matters that surround travelling.

Travelling can certainly be a lot of fun, it gives you the chance to relax and often experience a different way of life. However, at Consumer Adviser we understand that choosing where you go and how you get there can actually be quite difficult. As a result we have created a number of articles that look at a variety of vacation types, including Alaska cruise and visiting the Big Apple. The articles outline the attractions of visiting such destinations and offer impartial, practical information such as travelling to the location and arranging accommodation.

Other articles on our travel section explore the important legal matters that come hand-in-hand with travelling, such as your rights as a flyer and travel insurance. The articles explain your entitlement and who you should turn to if you should happen to find yourself in an unfortunate situation, such as discovering that your flight home has been delayed or cancelled.